SHEM - Giaco vs Basquiat - Original Drawing

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€ 350,00

Title: Giaco vs Basquiat

Artist: Shem

Edition: 1 (Unique)

Signed by the artist

Dimensions: 55,5 x 40 cm

Technique: Acrylic, Aerosol, Marker

Paper: 250 gr 

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Street-artist born in 1976 in Lima, Peru. Shem launches into graffiti after taking a visual slap on numerous train trips in our country.

A few encounters on the local scene allowed him to take his first steps as a graffiti artist. He immediately devoted himself to the illegal painting of trains, subways and stations. For several years, Shem has been working on canvas. Experienced artist, he seeks to develop his knowledge through new techniques such as layering and transparency.

He also multiplies the tools and uses acrylic, watercolor, oil and pastel to achieve the desired colors and textures. He collaborates with other artists to bring graffiti where it is not expected, thus becoming a complete artist, creative, innovative and recognized by art critics.